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Ombre Shade Tattoo

ABOUT Ombre shade tattooing is a brow tattooing method that involves tiny pixels of pigment being inserted into the skin which gradually builds colour up to create definition and shape. Ombre shade tattooing has a light to dark ombre effect, resulting in a natural powdery brow.  This treatment takes around 3 hours, the first 30 minutes we are mapping your brows and getting the best possible shape for you. Once you are happy we can go ahead and tattoo.

DOES IT HURT? Every person is different in how well they tolerate pain.  Numbing cream is used during the tattooing procedure, this allows you to not feel the full effect of the tattoo. Some clients feel minimal pain whereas some feel more discomfort rather than ‘pain’. We make sure throughout the process that you are as comfortable as possible by reapply the numbing agent through the treatment.

HOW LONG DOES IT LAST? Every person is different and the life of your brow tattoo depends on a number of factors including aftercare, lifestyle, skin type, medications, metabolism and more!  Oily skin types tend to loose pigment more quickly than a dry skin type however generally speaking it should last 12-24 months, yearly touch up’s are recommended to ensure longevity and vibrancy.

HOW MUCH? New Client: $649 6-10 week touch up: Complimentary 6-12 month touch up: $300 1-2 year touch up: $500

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